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The easiest way to get to Russia now is the land border from Latvia or Poland. Kaliningrad is the easiest place to do this, because it borders Poland and Lithuania. But all starts with applying for a visa. In 2012, the Russian Federation agreed to issue American tourists a multiple-entry tourist visa for 3 years, the like of which, as far as I know, does not exist anywhere else. In fact, this is one of the five best answers to the question: why Russia? At the time of publication, it still costs $160. You will need an invitation to prepare for a visa, but this is not a problem.
Kaliningrad is located in the center of Europe and does not have a land border with Russia. However, it is very easy and inexpensive to fly from Kaliningrad to other parts of Russia. Additionally, due to its unique location, you can travel from Kaliningrad and reach the borders of Lithuania and Poland in just half an hour! Moreover, the Kaliningrad region has a vast coastline on the Baltic Sea, making it one of the few resort areas in Russia. It takes only 30 minutes to drive from the city to the sea. Kaliningrad is a very convenient destination for traveling around Russia and Europe.
I am a retired German and Spanish teacher from the USA, born in 1958, and now living in Kaliningrad, Russia. When the time came for me to retire, I considered where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. After an extensive search of possible options, I chose this place and want to share my wonderful experience and help other people from the USA do the same.
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Location of Kaliningrad is Absolutely unique!
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German charm
Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave situated between Poland and Lithuania, has a rich history that dates back to its days as Königsberg, the capital of East Prussia. Despite the city's tumultuous past, marked by wars and political changes, remnants of its German heritage remain, infusing Kaliningrad with a unique charm. The city's architecture stands as a testament to its German past, with many buildings reflecting the distinctive Prussian style.
Kaliningrad is located on the Baltic Sea, located between Lithuania and Poland. The former capital of East Prussia, Königsberg
The Königsberg Cathedral, for example, is an iconic Gothic structure situated on Kant Island. This beautifully restored cathedral, originally constructed in the 14th century, houses the tomb of the renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant. Another notable site is the Amber Museum, located in the historic Dohna Tower. The museum showcases a vast collection of amber artifacts and offers insight into the region's thriving amber industry. This precious gemstone has been associated with the area since the days of the Teutonic Knights. Walking through the city, visitors can enjoy the mix of old and new, with modern Russian buildings juxtaposed against German-influenced structures. A prime example is the Fishing Village, a quaint riverside district that showcases traditional German architecture. This picturesque area offers a glimpse into the city's past while providing a pleasant setting for leisurely strolls, dining, and shopping.
In addition to its architectural charm, Kaliningrad boasts several parks and green spaces that pay homage to its Prussian history. The Botanical Garden, for instance, is a peaceful oasis where visitors can discover diverse flora and take in the serene atmosphere. The fusion of cultures in Kaliningrad creates a captivating atmosphere that draws in visitors from all over the world. Exploring the city's German charm allows tourists to step back in time, while still experiencing the vibrant energy of modern Russia. This blend of history and culture makes Kaliningrad a fascinating destination for travelers seeking a unique European experience.
Musium of world ocean located in Kaliningrad
Staying in a new country begins with housing. Local families offer a variety of private apartments, from Airbnb-style apartments to bed and breakfast suites to guest rooms in a family's home; all at exceptional values. As mentioned earlier, Kaliningrad is not only one of the lowest price points in Europe, for most American travelers it is the shortest flight with the cheapest airfare. In Kaliningrad there are many excellent cafes and restaurants, sports clubs, swimming pools and various reasonably priced entertainment options. Even on social security, I can afford to live much more comfortably than I ever could in Florida.
Kaliningrad is a modern european city but at a very affordable Russian price
Prices and lifestyle
People, friends and emotions
I have met many wonderful people here, and some of them have become my true friends. In fact, it was precisely because of how well I was treated here that I wanted to invite boomers in the hope that many would want to take advantage of the same benefits that I enjoy. Imagine inviting a stranger to your family's holiday table simply because you knew they would be left alone if you didn't - this is typical Russian hospitality.

I have worked with wonderful real estate agents, guides, lawyers, and medical professionals - you don't need to stay somewhere for a long time to need their services. In short, your network of Russian hosts, all of whom speak or know a little English, want you to have an exceptional experience in Kaliningrad. They want you to recommend Kaliningrad to your friends and family and invite them to come and visit too. This is an old-school model that was once exactly the way we did business, and it's still the case in Russia. Even when it comes to strangers on the street, they did their best to help me, even if they didn't speak English well. This website is designed as your Kaliningrad travel concierge, with the main purpose of helping fellow boomers who are considering a trip to Russia, and as a way to say thank you to the wonderful residents of Kaliningrad.
I have met many wonderful people here!
Unforgettable moments making new memories.
Russian culture and language
Russian culture is diametrically opposed to the woke West
I began to get acquainted with Russian culture back in college, when Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment made an indelible impression on me. I am grateful to God that I encountered Russian culture as it became an important factor in choosing a place for immigration. As for modern Russian culture, it is diametrically opposed to the woke West. Think of America before the 1960s. While Jesus may be persona non grata in much of the Western world, there is a religious revival in Russia, offsetting almost a century of atheism under the Bolsheviks. Non-Christian religions are respected as Russia is a multinational country. I can express my opinion here without fear of being canceled. Although English is spoken more often in Kaliningrad than in the rest of Russia, knowledge of the Russian language is of great importance. I have worked here with local language teachers in my own quest to master the Russian language. The cost of training here is minimal by American standards, and you can even start learning via Skype or Zoom before leaving the US.
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